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Various access openings and picking stations are available for the Vertical Buffer Module. The variable configuration permits maximum flexibility and makes it possible to optimally adapt the unit to the prevailing circumstances. Up to four access openings can be fitted on the end face, front, or rear of each unit.


Picking station


Components - Picking station

The turntable is the key element of the picking station. Tilted at a 20° angle, it is particularly ergonomic and thus easy to operate.

While the operator is picking the order the next bin or tray is being prepared in the background and placed on the rear shelf of the turntable. As soon as the operator has finished picking one order the turntable rotates by 180° and the next bin is ready for picking.


Single access opening


Components - Single access opening

The single access opening is ideal for controlled access to individual bins, containing valuable tools and equipment, in conjunction with user administration.


Conveyor connection


Components - Conveyor connection

The Vertical Buffer Module can easily be connected to existing conveyor technology, either for manual storage and retrieval of bins and trays or for automatic operation and transfer to the existing material flow. The connection can be fitted on the end face, front, or rear. The conveyor connection has been designed for permanent filling and retrieval of entire bins, further increasing order picking performance.