Technical Data - Megamat RS

Unit dimensions
Megamat RS180350650
Width1,875 to 3,875 mm1,875 to 4,275 mm1,975 to 4,275 mm
Heightmin.2,210 mm2,360 mm2,360 mm
max.7,510 mm10,010 mm10,010 mm
Depth1,251 mm1,271 mm1,311 mm
1,441 mm1,471 mm1,511 mm
1,631 mm1,671 mm1,711 mm
Special dimensions on request
Usable carrier dimensions
Widthmin.1,250 mm1,250 mm1,250 mm
max.3,250 mm3,650 mm3,550 mm
Height212 mm225 mm255 mm
237 mm263 mm306 mm
263 mm301 mm356 mm
288 mm339 mm407 mm
314 mm377 mm458 mm
339 mm415 mm
364 mm453 mm
491 mm


Depth428 mm428 mm428 mm
528 mm528 mm528 mm
628 mm628 mm628 mm
Unit imbalance
max.600 kg1,200 kg2,100 kg
Load per carrier
max.180 kg350 kg650 kg
Unit load (incl. carrier weight)
max.6,000 kg12,500 kg19,000 kg


Unit options (selection):
  • ESD design
  • Divided frame side panels
  • Several access openings
  • Position indicator
  • Additional data interfaces
  • User management
  • Multiple operating languages