Pallet handling with the Shuttle XP 1000

Efficient storage and retrieval of entire pallets

Pallet handling

Up to two pallets can be handled next to one another by the Shuttle XP 1000 with the help of newly developed trays. The Euro pallets are placed in a manual or automatic extraction device for pallets trays using a forklift or pallet truck and can be stored in their entirety from there. This takes up less space, because it allows the pallets to be stored at heights of up to 20 meters. In addition, the stored goods can be accessed more quickly, because the time-consuming loading and unloading of the pallets is no longer necessary. Additional positive effects are achieved in terms of time management and employee health by cutting the distance covered by personnel while improving ergonomics in the workplace.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Costs cut by reducing storage space
  • Productivity raised by enabling faster access to stored goods
  • Time saved by reducing the distance traveled by employees
  • Safety and ergonomics improved for employees