Production companies and production warehouses

Expand your production area without expanding your business premises.

Most production companies want to use as little space and time as possible for storage and instead concentrate on producing goods. Irrespective of the industry or size of the company, Kardex Remstar provides solutions that can guarantee storage and retrieval of production components, tools, or spare parts that is more effective and saves more space than if they were stored in various kinds of conventional shelving units. Automated storage systems are used in order-picking warehouses, kanban warehouses, tool warehouses, raw material warehouses, and temporary storage facilities.


The amount of floor space required can often be reduced by between 75 and 90 percent. This means that the same amount of goods can be stored on a footprint 10 to 25 percent the size of the original space. For many companies this means that they have the opportunity to reduce the space used for storage and instead extend their production area within the existing physical space.


The operator can cut out a lot of unnecessary steps using the “goods-to-person” principle, which reduces the amount of time needed to pick orders. Efficiency can often be increased by between 100 and 400 percent. For companies this means a reduction in overall production costs while also freeing up resources which can be directly used for production.

Optimize processes

With the “goods-to-person” principle, all goods are picked in one small, standardized area.  This opens up the possibility of incorporating several processes at once. For instance, a label printer can be set up on the automated storage system. This can print an item label with the necessary information from the host system. The label is stuck to the item, allowing the staff working in production to find the required item quickly and easily.

It is often most cost-effective to pick orders on a pallet or trolley, but in larger installations it is advisable to use roller conveyors, AGVs, or other means of transport. Kardex Remstar can supply turnkey system solutions and both our hardware and software can be fully and continuously integrated into existing systems as the company grows or production evolves. Each task must be analyzed on an individual basis to assess whether this is worthwhile.

Adapt your production layout or processes as required

The layout in a production area is constantly changing, but that is no problem with Kardex Remstar. The automated storage systems can be relocated at any time. Thanks to the unique frame design, so many of our models are so stable that they can be relocated without having to dismantle them – they are simply moved with a specially developed lifting device fitted with wheels. In practice this can be done more quickly than relocating a shelving unit.

Better inventory management – on time

Being able to rely on your own inventory is an important factor in production. Kardex software makes it possible to count the stock every time a storage space is emptied. With an interface to the ERP system this means that stock levels are by and large always well balanced – physically as well as in the system. This leads to better purchase management and reduces the risk of running out of certain items which could soon lead to a halt in production. Quite a few companies have also been able to save themselves the trouble of doing an annual stocktake.

Integrate Kardex automated storage systems into your host system

Kardex automated storage systems are generally controlled by Kardex software, a kind of WMS (warehouse management system) software package. You can get the full benefit and make maximum use of the storage space by integrating the Kardex software into your ERP system. We have a whole range of references where installations have been integrated into Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, Autovision, and many more systems.


As a globally leading supplier of automated storage solutions, Kardex Remstar has installed more than 140,000 systems throughout the world – for small and big tasks at businesses big or small across a whole range of industries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Carsten Gram from Alfa Laval in Søborg:

“Our warehouse only takes up ten percent of the space it used to occupy. At the same time, an operator can pick 250–300 items per hour. Our overall operating costs are very low and there have only been two halts in production since we started using the automated storage systems five years ago.”