Kardex VLM BOX

A complete box system and flexible solution customized for dynamic storing

The Kardex VLM BOX is a adjustable bin system designed for the Vertical Lift Module Kardex Remstar XP. It can increase the stock  capacity by 20 – 25 %. The Kardex VLM BOX is flexible in height,  width and depth to create over 300 location types – from just one box.

The Kardex VLM BOX changes as your stock changes

The elements of the box system are the base, frames and 8 transparent dividers in different sizes to create the Kardex VLM BOX that best suits you. The Kardex VLM BOX base is always the same but it is height adjusted to 50, 100, 150, 200 mm.


Take a look at how simple it is to use:

A view examples of more than 100 flexible segment layouts


100 x 200 mm

200 x 300 mm

200 x 200 mm

in different sizes

Kardex VLM BOX StartKits – The easy way to kick-start space saving

The StartKit provides a wide range of different location types. It gives you the chance to kick-start space saving and discover which location types fit your needs.

Choose between six different StartKit options:

StartKit 1

Our most popular StartKit consists of 100 base boxes that together with a number of frames and dividers can provide up to over 2,000 locations in 33 different bin sizes. For both low and high goods with location heights of 50 to 200 mm.

StartKit 2

The same concept as StartKit 1, but adapted for goods with location heights that are 150 mm and lower.

StartKit 3

With 100 base boxes and 225 frames, this StartKit is focused on the storage of higher goods with 100 mm – 200 mm.

StartKit UNI

Created for Kardex Remstar’s tray dimensions 3650 x 813/864 and adapted to provide options for high goods with location heights of 100 to 200 mm.

StartKit MINI

This is a miniature of StartKit 1 with 50 base boxes.

The StartKit Spacer consists of 100 VLM BOX Spacers and 400 dividers. It was specially developed as an add-on for 864mm deep trays.

NEW: Kardex VLM BOX Spacer

The add-on for 864 mm deep trays

Full use of space in the trays

Thanks to the exact fit of the VLM BOX Spacer, the otherwise lost space is now optimally used and offers 6% more space utilization compared to the 813mm deep trays. The VLM BOX Spacer puts your VLM BOX in the right position on deeper trays and reduces the risk of picking errors. With the help of a click system, the VLM BOX Spacer can be quickly and easily connected to the VLM BOX.

Flexible use

Construct up to 6 small container positions per Spacer with the same width as the VLM BOX or store long parts across the entire width of the tray. A rounded bottom also offers ergonomic picking of small parts from the VLM BOX Spacer.




Advantages at a glance
  • perfect fit for the Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Module Family
  • flexible in height 
  • flexible bin size layout
  • more efficiency  
  • easy to configure with the Kardex Remstar software
  • light and robust construction
  • superior filling rate
  • better pick accuracy
  • looks clean and organized
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Kardex Remstar VLM BOX